Analysis and evaluation


At Face Media, we believe that your campaign is an active process, that is why we analyze and evaluate the campaign along the way to ensure optimal delivery and quality of the campaign, to make sure that your campaign goals are achieved.

Following the campaign, an evaluation will be prepared, explaining the results and objectives, and gathering experience across media groups. The evaluation is an essential part of the campaign as it is the starting point for future campaigns.

Depending on which KPI’s are set, we also work with in-depth knowledge analyzes and evaluations. Therefore, pre and post tests are prepared so it is possible to measure and evaluate the level of knowledge, where you will find answers to, whether there is an increased level of awareness in your target audience compared to the competitors in the market.

The results, we deliver in analyzes and evaluations, are action-oriented, and we focus on translating the data into concrete knowledge and solutions, that will be implemented in future strategies. Thus, we can create even more highly targeted and effective communication to your target audience.